Simon’s travels have taken him to scores of countries...

The Americas - 2019

In his most ambitious journey yet, Simon Reeve is travelling the entire length of the Americas, through the two continents that together make up a quarter of Earth’s land space. It’s an incredible ride through some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.
In this first series (‘
The Americas with Simon Reeve’ - 5 x 1 hours) he’s travelling down through North America, from the icy wilderness of Alaska to the tropical heat of Costa Rica. Next year he’ll embark on his second journey and second series (also 5 x 1 hours TBC) - through South America. The whole journey will be documented over 10 x 1 hour episodes.

Mediterranean - 2018
Burma - 2018
Russia - 2017 -
Turkey - 2017 -

Greece - 2016
In 'Greece with Simon Reeve', Simon travels around one of the most beautiful, troubled and extreme countries in Europe, from the islands of the Aegean to the rugged and mountainous north.

Ireland - 2015

Caribbean... spring 2015

Wildfires 2014: Inside the Inferno
Radio Times:

Sacred Rivers - broadcast during 2014.

The Tea Trail and The Coffee Trail - 2014

PILGRIMAGE - the greatest journeys of our ancestors (2013). Simon travels from Holy Island in NE England to Canterbury, then on to Rome (with a major diversion to Santiago de Compostela in NW Spain), and then from Istanbul to Jerusalem.

AUSTRALIA - 2013 - the first episode of Simon’s journey takes him from the ‘red centre’ of the country south to the wine region, then west to Perth. On the second he travels across the remote and wild north to the Great Barrier Reef. And his third takes him down the east coast to the magnificent cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

INDIAN OCEAN - during 2011 Simon is travelling around the Indian Ocean filming an epic new 6-part TV series. Starting his journey in South Africa, Simon travels around the coast of the Indian Ocean, heading up the east coast of Africa, around India and back down the western coast of Indonesia to Australia. The extraordinary adventure takes Simon to 16 countries, as he braves the horrors of Mogadishu in Somalia, perhaps the most dangerous place on the planet, and travels on to the beautiful Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

TROPIC OF CANCER - shown on BBC2 during March-April 2010 - Simon embarked on his most ambitious journey yet, circling the world following the line that marks the northern border of the earth's tropical region. This epic trip completed Simon's trilogy of journeys exploring the tropics, after his acclaimed series Equator and Tropic of Capricorn, and was his toughest, longest and greatest challenge – a 6x60min journey around the extraordinary TROPIC OF CANCER.

Explore - 2009 - in which Simon and a team of BBC presenters travel to some of the most exotic and extreme locations on earth. Explore blends travel with current affairs to get under the skin of some fascinating countries. Don’t just visit…Explore!

Tropic of Capricorn - this journey starts in Namibia, and takes viewers through Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Photos from the first leg here.

Equator - a three part series broadcast on BBC2 during late August and September 2006.
'Equator was one of the best travel documentaries of recent years. Like much of the best ‘travel’ television, Equator was no Wish You Were Here? catalogue of exotic destinations, but a punchy blend of of adventure and current affairs journalism' – Dan Linstead, Editor, Wanderlust travel magazine

Places That Don’t Exist - this five part BBC series on breakaway states and unrecognised nations took Simon to 'countries' including Somaliland, Transniestria, Nagorno-Karabkh, Ajaria, South Ossetia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Somalia, Moldova, Taiwan, and the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Meet the Stans - during 2003 Simon travelled around Central Asia for the four-part BBC series Meet the Stans, which has since been shown around the world. Meet the Stans took Simon from the far north-west of Kazakhstan, by the Russian border, east to the Chinese border, south through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the edge of Afghanistan, and west to Uzbekistan and the legendary Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

House of Saud, written and presented by Simon, this programme was broadcast on BBC2 and BBC World during Summer 2004. House of Saud took Simon across Saudi Arabia, from the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, to the isolation of the Empty Quarter desert.

Travel Weekly: ‘When it comes to adventure tourism, author Simon Reeve is king’

“The best travel television programmes of the past five years”
Tom Hall, Travel Editor, Lonely Planet

See the award-winning photography of James Reeve, Simon's brother - here
Simon in the Congo filming the EQUATOR series

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