A few answers to a few questions...

Can I get copies of programmes on VHS or DVD?
You can order DVD copies of some of the documentaries on this site by going to this site
Or you can look at Simon's Youtube site

I'm fed-up and angry about the state of the world!
So don't get depressed - do something! There are hundreds of global campaign groups out there. Find one involved in issues you care about, and sign-up!

Can I join the team?
Simon has travelled with a very small team on his previous trips, and there are no vacancies on Simon's future trips.

For all TV work experience queries please look at:
and/or contact production companies making your favourite TV shows.

Why is your site called shootandscribble.com?
Simon is the scribbler, and James - his photographer brother - is the shooter...and many years ago it seemed like a good name for a website.

Why does Simon always wear the same shirt in Equator? The Guardian answers this crucial question here.

Can you give me any travel advice?
Unfortunately we're not qualified to offer you any travel advice.

If you plan to go somewhere without a friendly tour rep, check with your government (click below for the British Foreign Office), eat the local live yoghurt to put friendly local bugs in your system, and always,
always wear a seat-belt!


Malaria Awareness Campaign backpack picture
Travelling somewhere warm?
Check the malariahotspots.co.uk website

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