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Simon Reeve
Award-winning TV adventurer, bestselling author, Inspiring Speaker

Arrested by the KGB, chased by cheetahs, hunting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari…Simon Reeve has lived quite a life. He’s the leading adventure traveller on British Television, travelling and filming in 120 countries, including many of the most beautiful, remote and dangerous parts of the planet. Simon explores and explains the world to tens of millions of TV viewers globally, travelling in a unique way that blends adventure with serious issues.
Simon’s also the New York Times bestselling author of more than six books. He has received a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for "an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding" and the prestigious Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society. His 20 TV series include
Caribbean, Sacred Rivers, Indian Ocean, Tropic of Cancer, and Equator. But Simon started with nothing. After a misspent youth he left school with no real qualifications and went on the dole.
Simon changed his life, overcame his fears, and became a leading investigator, author and TV presenter. Hear inspiring stories from his travels of people who’ve overcome adversity, and how talent can be found in the most unlikely of settings. Simon will pepper his talk with extraordinary tales from his journeys that will fill your clients with awe. Whether delivering an After Dinner Speech, hosting an Awards Ceremony, or appearing in a Q&A, Simon will encourage and enthuse your clients and guests, inspiring and motivating the audience.

Subjects Simon can talk about include:
-- overcoming adversity, and how talent can be found in the most unlikely of settings
-- changing your life and fulfilling your potential
-- team decision-making in Extreme situations
-- An Evening with Simon Reeve

-- The Joy of Travel and How to Travel
-- The unexplored world / Travel's new frontiers
-- Can you be an explorer in the 21st century?
-- The Golden Age of Travel (it's now)
-- Is the Planet Screwed?

please contact:
Amy Chapman
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Previous Clients:
“We’ve had fantastic feedback from our guests”
“delegates absolutely loved listening and talking to him and he gave so generously of his time”

“the highest rated of all the conference sessions”
“one of the most professional presenters I’ve ever worked with”

Simon’s “natural connection with the audience was spot on”
“the way he connects with the general public is lovely to see”
“there was a great respect for Simon and the programmes he makes”
“you had the audience hanging off every word you said”
“your professionalism and enthusiasm whilst presenting the awards kept the energy levels high in the room right until the very end”
“stories were delivered in a way that had you laughing one minute and in awe in the next”
“Simon made the event a great success!”

Simon is very happy to host awards ceremonies or deliver talks and After Dinner speeches. Any presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of your event. Simon also often appears at events in a Q&A or ‘in conversation with…’ format, either with an interviewer or just with an inquisitive audience – no question is off-limits (!).

We can provide images and film footage to accompany the appearance, if desired.

please contact:
Amy Chapman
amychapmanpr 'at'

What others have said...
Michael Palin, broadcaster and President of the Royal Geographical Society: “Travelling multiple times around the world…he has revealed many special and also difficult, contested and inhospitable places. With programmes and books that reach out across the generations he’s a keen and infectious geographer!”
BBC: “Simon Reeve is British television’s most adventurous traveller”
The Independent: “TV's most interesting globetrotter”
Radio Times: “In the last decade, he's made a name for himself as British TV's most adventurous presenter.”
The Observer: “When it comes to explaining complex issues in simple terms, Simon Reeve is an expert…a man whose very name is a guarantee of interesting television. Outstanding.”
The Daily Telegraph said: “like all the best travellers, Reeve carries out his investigations with infectious relish, and in the realisation that trying to understand the country you’re in is not just fascinating, but also hugely enjoyable.”
The Sun: “Simon might just be the best tour guide in the world”
The Times: “Reeve is in a class of his own”.